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How to make your phone and laptop less distracting

17 October 2018

For this 2018 I have a goal: living my life in a simpler way. To get this, I need to remove all the things that don’t really matter to me. One month ago I started to simplify the way I use my mobile and laptop. I want to use it as a tool and not as a way to waste my time. It have to be helpful and not distracting for me. So, I created an environment that makes me feel much better, freedom and focused on things are important for me.

Make your phone less distracting

Tools & Resources

Make your laptop less distracting


I am working hard to have more time for doing things really matters to me and I hope you too are doing the same. I installed Rescue Timer for monitoring where I spent my time on the laptop and those are the results.

That’s all folks! Do you have any good tip? Share it with me on @_albertogallego and have a nice day!

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